coala Inn

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When you arrive in Trogir, turn left on the small stone bridge, follow the road across the old part of the town, pass the bigger bridge turn right and drive for about 1,5km.


On a small crossroad, after you pass a beach on your right side, you have to turn to the left and drive for about 500m, turn to the left on the first crossroad and keep driving for about 500m. You will see the house on the right side of the street. There is a sign COALA INN on the house. 

 Lat: 43° 30´ 2,99´´ N Lon: 16° 15´ 45,92´´ E ° 


When you pass small crossroad keep on driving for about 200m (you need to pass auto camp, and big curve). On the left side of the street you will see house Cornelia. 

 Lat: 43° 30´ 6,53´´ N Lon: 16° 15´35,79´´ E ° 

 Check the Map for details.